4 November 2021

Building Powerful Brands with Effective Digital Marketing

Building a powerful brand with a consistent appearance to the customer is the key in becoming a successful company.

12 October 2021

Value creation in the Digital Agency market: personnel as driver for value creation

The market of Digital Agencies has been growing fast during recent years. The success and growth of a Digital Agency is mostly driven by its employees.

20 May 2021

Value creation in the digital agency market

As an entrepreneur/shareholder, you are continuously looking for ways to realize and accelerate value creation.

14 January 2021

Hybrid structures: combining private debt & private equity

Entrepreneurs often stand at the crossroads of having to decide on the optimal way to finance their growth plans.

6 October 2020

Buy-and-build: grow your business through acquisitions

As an entrepreneur you are constantly focused on growing your business. Entrepreneurs can take different routes when it comes to growing a business. Growing a company can roughly be divided into two different strategies: organically or via acquisitions.

8 July 2020

Targeting SMEs: A growth opportunity for software companies

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a major role in European economy.

1 April 2020

Financing Growth in Cyber security

The market for cyber security solutions is attractive and constantly growing. Since August 2019 Pride Capital supports Link11, an innovative provider of DDoS protection software, with growth financing.

26 November 2019

Private Debt: the 4 most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs

The popularity of Private Debt in Europe and the Netherlands is significantly increasing in recent years and therefore gains popularity as an attractive form of financing.

15 March 2018

Mezzanine at work: Duration of a mezzanine loan

The exit of Talkwalker: how a mezzanine loan can be repaid earlier than initially structured

4 January 2018

Mezzanine at work: Spotzer

The success story of how Spotzer used a mezzanine loan to finance its international growth.

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