Mezzanine at work: Spotzer

Spotzer offers a white-label, full service digital marketing solutions for SME companies all over the world through reselling partners, such as webhosting companies, telco’s and business directories. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in Europe, US and Australia. From product strategy through to development, execution, fulfilment, and ongoing service, Spotzer helps businesses to expand their online reach, diversify their revenue, and improve their customer satisfaction by delivering websites, e-commerce, Google AdWords and BING campaigns and SEO solutions.

What was Spotzer looking for?

After changing its business model from direct sales to primarily focusing on partner/reseller driven sales model through telco’s, webhosting companies or business directories, Spotzer experienced a significant growth in demand for its outstanding web-content management services. The ever increasing demand for Spotzer’s products and services brought the opportunity to rapidly scale up and simultaneously accelerate profitability. In order to realize such an ambitious scale up, Spotzer continuously invests in strengthening both the Operational and Product and Technology development team to provide both partners and customers with the highest quality of services. Spotzer has multiple shareholders and searched for a financial partner with knowledge of the software/TMT sector, who can provide capital to the company without impacting the current shareholders base. Peter Urmson (CEO Spotzer): “The combination of managing and financing international growth is very complex. Therefore we are happy to finalize the funding so we can fully concentrate on the business!

What is the result so far?

With the mezzanine loan Spotzer was able to further accelerate its impressive growth path. Spotzer has expanded the team in order to optimally serve both the current as well as new partners and customers. The fruitful collaboration can to a large part be attributed to the more than capable and very enthusiastic management, composed of a very experienced CEO with a solid track record in the content management space and a strong CFO with valuable experience in financial consulting for telecommunication providers. Since this new management took over the operations in 2015, their initiated transformation towards a partner/reseller model proved very profitable and scalable. Taking up this momentum management efficiently funneled the growth capital from the mezzanine loan into further growth and profitability.

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