Spotzer partners with Bing

Spotzer Ads is a highly-scalable lead generation and attribution system which has been built from the ground-up to maximise the value of low-budget campaigns for enterprises selling to SMBs.

With a sophisticated-taxonomy, highly-automated technology platform, and the flexibility of white-labeled support from our search advertising experts, Spotzer Ads is fast and straightforward to use for support and sales teams.

As the experts in delivering integrated website and PPC solutions, Spotzer delivers the best ROI and experience for an enterprise business’ SME customers. This includes seamless onboarding tools, robust proprietary algorithms, conversion optimized landing pages, and a customer-friendly reporting suite, all geared towards bringing value to small and medium business owners.

“‘Getting customers online and making their phone ring’ is still our mantra,” says Spotzer CEO Peter Urmson. “With the inclusion of Bing Ads, we are thrilled to further deliver on this promise by partnering with one of the world’s leading companies,” he adds.

Backed by one of the world’s largest pool of website and PPC performance data, Spotzer Ads ensures that every campaign kicks-off with the best chance of success, with automated creation and optimisation.

This technology provides enterprise partners with the capability to create optimised campaigns in minutes and enables users to seamlessly advertise across multiple channels, while the proprietary algorithms optimize for performance and allocate budget to ensure optimal ROI.

“Spotzer Ads does the heavy lifting, allowing both account managers and the SMB businesses they serve to focus on their core activities.” says Jon Stribling, Chief Digital Officer at the Amsterdam based tech firm. “Our tools are built to reduce the need for manual intervention, with proprietary algorithms that optimise campaigns on a keyword level in addition to managing advertising budget across numerous channels.”

It doesn’t stop here. With a robust roadmap and exciting launches in Europe, US, and Asia-Pacific, Spotzer are showing no signs of slowing down.

Spotzer’s CEO, Peter Urmson, will be speaking about technology and automation at Microsoft’s Bing HQ in London for SIINDA LOCALCOMM 11 April, 2018.


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